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But this time, tears are the tears of joy. Soon Infolding finds herself crying Lucy in her arms again. Carrying her arms, "Lucy O, I am very happy, really, very excited ..."

The face of Miss Paulson is a picture of a delighted shock. Be another xmfx53 one to come with us to Russia. " But there may be ... I think I do not dare to.

She shakes her head. " "I do not know if I can allow myself to hope." Miss Paulson? " Lucy turns her, and her palms squeeze her cheeks flaming. " Says, scratches.

Then you smile and turn slightly to the left and right. " Lucy makes the ugly ugly in herself.

Miss Polson rises and stands behind her. " Is this really me? " Obedience, Lucy goes to the rack and tends to look glass in its position. "
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